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Boost Retail Salon and Spa Sales

Ideally, clients want to buy from you, simply because it is inconvenient not to—if they don’t purchase from you, it is just one more thing to add to their endless list of tasks. If you make qualified recommendations based on your client’s concerns, chances are very good that she will purchase your recommendations. Once the client has […]

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Salons Face Exile from Gmail Inboxes

The success of salon email marketing could dip significantly following recent changes by Google that threaten to divert promotional campaigns into a no-go cul-de-sac, warns digital marketing expert Valorie Reavis of Linkup Marketing. And the only way to avoid it is to actively ask clients to re-categorize emails. Since summer, Google has been reorganizing the […]

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Measured, Then Managed

The 2 to 10 Project is a study focused on the multi-location salons with between 2 and 10 locations. The study’s goal is to propel growth opportunities, drive higher profitability and create business success strategies for its participating members. This month, SALON TODAY asked 2 to 10 participants how they used the study’s results to […]

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Why Customers Really Buy Retail

Many spa and salon professionals believe that unless they know every ingredient in every product the salon stocks they cannot competently sell them. There is a fear that customers will challenge salespersons on ingredients, what those ingredients do, and where they come from. This is incorrect. While it is always useful to know the origin […]

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Bumping Up Referrals

Word-of-mouth testimonials from customers to their closest friends, family, and associates, is the most cost-effective way to build a clientele. Clients who come into the salon via the referral process are already primed about their new experience. They will easily shop across your brand, accept your long- term styling recommendations, invest in home-care regimes, and […]

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