Choosing a Career as a Massage Therapist

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Many salons are transiting into day spas, opening up more job opportunities for massage therapists. Day spas are not the only business seeking massage therapists.  Sports medicine, and physcial therapy clinics also employ licensed massage therapists. Both areas are rewarding and make a positive difference in the client or patience’s well being. Massage therapy also lends itself nicely to private practice, or co-opping with accupunctists or yoga studios. There are various massage techniques, approaches and philosophy. Each technique offers a particular benefit; decide which best suits you and your goals.

Develop a brief questionnaire with vital questions about schools, areas of work, number of hours, income you can expect, and the positive and negative aspects of the career. Ask several different types of massage therapist if you can briefly interview them. Keep it short and be respectful of their time. Visit more than one massage school. Tour the classroom and training facilities and talk to the students. Research the type of accreditation and certification required by your state. Ask the school for a list of alumni that you may interview. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Be thorough, this is your career.

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