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The Dallas Aveda Institute – Not Just a School But a Gorgeous, Insanely Inexpensive Spa/Salon by Kristin Hull, posted in D Magazine online

OMG! OMG! I am sooooo excited!! Last night I went to the grand opening party for the Dallas Aveda Institute. What is it, you ask? It’s a cosmetology school for aspiring hairdressers, estheticians, masseurs, waxers and nail technicians. Why do I care, you ask? Well, here’s why: this incredibly beautiful facility offers super discounted prices on all beauty services all the time. How can they do that, you ask? Well, it’s because students perform the treatments. Doesn’t that scare you, you ask? No, not at all. If you knew how intensely dedicated Aveda is to training their students to be the best, you wouldn’t either. The company doesn’t only teach them how to cut hair or perform a massage but they also train them in how to treat clients like gold. Yes, they are still in the learning process but their skill levels are high enough that Aveda will let them work on clients. Now would they do that if they didn’t think they were ready? No. Aveda cares too much about their stellar reputation. I got a personal tour from the president of the company who emphasized how important quality is to them. Jump to read about their incredible prices!!

Sounds good so far, you say, but is it like most schools – ugly, curtains between treatment “rooms,” noisy, dirty? Again, I say a resounding no. This place is AMAZING! The builders took great care in creating a space that would not only foster a comfortable, relaxing learning atmosphere for students but an incredible experience for clients as well. The concrete floors, soft lighting, wood and stone accents and water walls make you feel as if you are in a high-end salon/spa. The entire spa area is a separate peaceful and again, beautiful space. The treatments are all performed in separate rooms with doors that close (no curtains), big cushy beds (like in high-end spas) and beautiful soft music relaxing you into a state of tranquility. You are given a robe and slippers upon arrival and there is even a cozy relaxation room to wait in before your pampering. They even have a vichy shower! This is NOT your average school. This is a work of art.

Ok, so ready for the best part? I almost don’t want to tell you and keep the secret for myself but alas, my dedication to ShopTalk won’t let me. The prices are insanely low: haircut and style – $15, single process hair color – $25, 60 minute pedicure – $21. Oh wait, I forgot to mention the amazing pedicure room – big cushy seats and no dirty bowls that everyone puts their feet in – they use separate bowls for each person that are not connected to any filty pipes. Each bowl is filled elsewhere and brought to your seat so everything is entirely sanitary. The area is quiet, serene and oh so clean! I may never go anywhere else for a pedicure ever again. And did I mention the price? A 60 minute pedi is only $21!!! Are facials your thing? How about 90 minutes for $60? Yea, I know! Unbelievable! Yes, many schools offer discounted treatments but they aren’t this beautiful. They don’t make you feel as if you are at a high-end spa. But this one does. And don’t forget that they only use Aveda products so you’re guaranteed top quality in that area too. Seriously, what more could you want? The Dallas Aveda Institute is open for appointments now except for nail services and massages. Those will be available in about 30 days. I will let you know when that happens. But feel free to call 214-363-1291 to get a facial, haircut or color or a wax ASAP.

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