Empire Beauty Schools – at Veeco Your Vision Is Our Focus

Veeco Manufacturing salutes Empire Beauty Schools and Empire Education Group

Like Veeco Manufacturing, Empire Beauty Schools (Empire Education Group) have over 60 years in the business of beauty. Founded in 1948 Empire Beauty Schools have grown to one of the largest cosmetology schools in the United States. In 2010, Empire Beauty Schools opened its 100th campus in Springfield, Pa.  Eco- friendly schools were opened in Florida, North Carolina and New Jersey. All of the schools incorporate eco-consicous elements, and energy and water saving systems. Empire Beauty Schools have produced some of the countries leaders in hair and nail trends. Empire Education Group website offers job listings within their company.

Empire Education Group launched a multi-platform campaign called Empire Gives Back, to support “CUT IT OUT.” CUT IT OUT  teaches salon professionals to recongize signs of domestic abuse and refer those clients to resources that will help them. Empire has brought these programs into their classroom, training over 11,ooo students per year to help victims of domestic abuse. Fundraisers to support local shelters, offering Empire Beauty School services, and providing financial aid to women wanting to attend Empire Beauty Schools  are some of the many ways they support CUT IT OUT.

Empire Education Group has donated over a quarter million dollars to KidsPeace through a National Day of Beauty. KidsPeace Children’s Fund helps children who have been denied a chance at childhood to learn, to play, and to evolve into happy, healthy kids.

Veeco Manufacturing is proud to have provided the fixtures and furnitures for Empire Beauty School in Pottsville, Pa.


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