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Your Salon Style

Select a style synonymous with your salon’s demographics. Are you an upscale salon? If so, choose accents and finishes such as crystal chandeliers and marble counter tops. If your salon is located in a historic district, include wrought iron hardware and cherry wood finishes. Perhaps your salon caterers to men. If so, provide sturdy leather seating […]

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Boost Retail Salon and Spa Sales

Ideally, clients want to buy from you, simply because it is inconvenient not to—if they don’t purchase from you, it is just one more thing to add to their endless list of tasks. If you make qualified recommendations based on your client’s concerns, chances are very good that she will purchase your recommendations. Once the client has […]

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Best Spa Equipment for Estheticians and Clients

Adjustable equipment allows estheticians and clients to be comfortable and safe, and the spa owner doesn’t have to worry about replacing equipment to match the needs of each individual esthetician. Every esthetician can do a treatment in any room in the spa interchangeably while still being comfortable. Utilizing treatment beds and stools with a manual […]

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The Importance of Comfortable Shampoo Bowls and Chairs

An important and often times overlooked piece of salon equipment is the shampoo bowl and chair. When starting a new salon this is an item not to cut corners on. Your client’s comfort is of up-most importance. A bowl installed at an incorrect height or an uncomfortable shampoo chair can turn your client’s experience into […]

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Selecting a Salon Cart

Choosing the best salon trolley/salon roller cart depends on your needs, including style, price, and storage necessities. It’s also important to consider the space where you plan to use the trolley since that will dictate what size you can purchase. Determine the size of  salon roller cart your space can accommodate. Measure depth and width […]

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