Tips for New Stylists: How to Start a Conservation with Your Client

Interacting With Your Client


Posted on June 20, 2012 by alex at Beauty School Advisor

Speaking to my client


Aside from my nerves and my incomplete understanding of hair in general I still found speaking to clients to be difficult. Being considered a very sociable person by nature didn’t seem to help much in these situations. Yes, of course I knew how to speak to people at a party or at some type of gathering, but a complete stranger? No even a friend of someone I know? That’s tough. What do I say!? “How’s the weather?” With all my education–I wasn’t prepared for this.

A client wants to feel welcome! Don’t forget that a you as the stylist aren’t the only one meeting a complete stranger. They want to feel welcome and comfortable in a new setting. Not only do they want to feel beautiful and walk out feeling great, they also prefer enjoying your company. With my experience I’ve developed some opening statements to “break the ice” and to gather you more information on their hair rituals at home, allowing you a more efficient diagnoses on their hairs specific needs.

Breakin’ the ice

Get them talking about them! If there’s anything people LOVE to do at the salon is chit chat, use that to your advantage. Learn about their personal life and takes some notes at the end of the service to make them feel important! Things you wouldn’t remember on your own, just enough small detail to show you care! Aside from being a hairstylist, you’re going to become these peoples therapist. Have fun with it! These people are just like you and their needs are no more than what you would expect. Take a breathe! They’re going to love you.

“What brings you in today?”

“What products do you use at home?”

“Tell me on thing you love about your hair, and one thing you hate about your hair”

“Are you attending any events soon, if so what type?”

“When was your last cut?”

Bring up a current event/movie/novel

“What’s your profession?”

Ask about their family/friends


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